How often should you wash the towels? Expert answers

The towel expert explains why you should wash your towels more frequently, and how often you should wash them depends on how you use them
Fluffy bath towels are a great joy of life. Wash towels? Not that much. They are heavy and take up all the space of the washing machine, and if you don’t use the tumble dryer, they take a long time to dry.
However, according to a towel expert, to properly wash these essential household items, you must learn how to properly wash towels, and you should wash them more frequently than usual. That’s why-and how often you should wash it.
George Hughes, the founder of organic towel and bedding company Dip & Doze, is very clear about the theme of washing towels. “Ideally, you should clean bath towels and hand towels after every three to four uses,” he explained.
If you suffer from allergies, eczema or any other skin diseases, please wash after each use. This applies especially to the towels you use to clean your face, but if you have sensitive skin, the same applies to body towels.
Again, George’s instructions are very clear: if you take the towel out of the house to the gym, public swimming pool, etc., you must wash it after each use. “Gym towels should be changed after each use because they will be exposed to sweat, airborne bacteria and other pollutants. If you use them to wipe equipment, there are also towels used in public swimming baths,” he said. Do not leave them in the gym bag, as this may make them moldy.
The main function of beach towels is to separate them from bath towels. George said, “It’s also a very good idea to separate beach towels from bath towels—even if it means packing twice—because the sand is difficult to remove.” After the holiday, put the beach towels in a separate compartment in the suitcase. After returning, wash it separately from the bath towel.
Worried about how all these washings will affect your towels? As long as you wash them separately from your clothes and don’t let them go through very hot cycles too frequently, you don’t have to worry. The first thing to do is to choose the best towels, George said: “The best way to maintain towels is to make a reasonable investment at the beginning. High-quality, 100% organic and fair trade cotton is a good start.

Post time: Sep-14-2021