About Us

Huai'an Sky Textile Company mainly specializing in towels, bath towels, towels, beach towels, bedding company. We have more than 15 years of home textile production custom export experience.

Our workshop has nearly 100 people in the production team, from spinning, weaving, cutting, dyeing, rinsing, inspection and other links have a person responsible. Our products has exported to many different countries and area like the United States, Canada, Arabia,  United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Germany and others.In order to ensure that the product does not lose color, dyeing and dyeing are using the active printing and dyeing process, in order to meet the personalized needs of more customers, our towel material has 16S, 26S, 32S cotton yarn, water absorption good speed dry microfibers, as well as beautiful light and non-ball chemical fiber material for selection. Customers' water washing labels, tags, bags, etc. have professional designers to provide customized services. Printed, satin, satin, embroidery, color weaving, and other different processes of towel products look forward to your purchase.